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Easy to understand tips on repair and replacement of locksets are listed on this page.

New lock installation is crucial

Replacing the old door locks is important and recommended by our specialists in La Canada Flintridge. Having the locks replaced means that you are having new keys and won't face a house lockout due to broken keys and your house will be more secure with modern locks.

Install a master key system at work

These systems are very convenient according to Locksmith La Canada Flintridge for big apartment buildings and offices. You can have a master key and give change keys to your employees for some offices. You just need to ensure lock installation is done correctly and accurately.

Clean the lock occasionally

The lock must be cleaned occasionally since it can get dirty. Grime and dust must be cleaned by removing the deadbolt and cleaning the inner and outer cylinders. The pin holes must also be cleaned and the keyhole lubricated. That's a vital lock repair task according to our experts.

Learn how to avoid security issues

Security problems start when you lack the proper window and door locks and also ignore the importance of lock repair. Such steps are necessary. When you notice that the door doesn't lock easily, repair the issue at once. Prevent problems by having the locks replaced every few years and checking them often. Maintenance always helps.

Make key duplicates

Always duplicate your most important keys, but have the duplicate made from an original that’s not worn from use.

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