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Practical answers to common questions on choosing the right locks are compiled on this page. Do you know how to secure different parts of the house? Use our answers as a practical guide every time you need assistance and information about security issues.

How can I secure sash windows?

Our experts in La Canada Flintridge are able to do the trick even if this is a rather challenging job. Make sure that there is a double hung sliding sash. Generally speaking we do not recommend using them because they have high maintenance costs and tend to increase the draught in the room particularly during the winter season.

Why do I need a catch?

It is not enough to have a simple catch. A bolt that is able to go through all the sashes is recommended. Make sure that you account for changes in the size of the sashes with time because this can affect the alignment. Areas that have a lot of subsistence are particularly vulnerable.

Are locks waterproof?

They are not necessarily waterproof but it would take an enormous amount of water to bring them down. Their main purpose is to ensure that there is only controlled access to the property. Weather-proofing is a secondary matter. Of course if you purchase premium products then they are likely to be more durable.

I am moving into a new home, should I rekey the locks?

Even if the locks in your new home appear to be working properly, our locksmith professionals recommend that you rekey them. This is for security purposes, as you never know how many copies of the keys are in circulation.

Any suggestions on how not to lose my home keys?

If you are unable to keep it on your person at all times because others in your household need it, then Locksmith La Canada Flintridge experts recommend that you keep your home keys in a place that everyone in your household is aware of. Also make sure to let them know that it must be kept in the same place.

Which is the best lubricant for locks?

You should always check what the manufacturer recommends in the first place, but in general graphite powder lubricant works exceptionally well.

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