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Funny Story - Bad Luck with Locked Trunk

This was a really crazy day. I had so many things to do in such a short time that I kept repeating to myself what errands I had to run in case I forgot to do something important. I was in such a chaotic situation that day and kept going back and forth to my car, but the only thing that I didn't plan was to leave my car keys locked in the trunk. I had done some serious shopping for the whole family and I guess my keys had fallen into one of the bags. I realized that they were missing when the trunk was already shut and I was simply furious (needless to say!).

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It was a good thing that I had the number of Locksmith La Canada Flintridge with me. They had helped me once with some lock repairs in the house about a year back and since I loved their work and speed, I had kept their number. Here I was in need of their assistance again! I explained what happened and they sent someone out within minutes. I started telling this guy about my day and what other errands I still had to take care of before heading home (Since I talk too much) and how grateful I was that he was helping me in such a short time. He was really great and seemed to enjoy my stories.

He managed to open the trunk in minutes and I told him that I was very pleased and not to worry because I would know find my transponder key. So I was preparing to pay him and say goodbye and all I had in mind was the things I had to do now. In my complete lack of focus I just shut the trunk again and was waving goodbye to the locksmith as he was slowly driving away when I realized that I hadn't taken the keys from the trunk. I had locked them in once more. I don't know if this was tragedy or hilarious. Just imagine a middle age woman in heals running around the parking lot and waving for the locksmith to stop. When he finally saw me, it may have seemed that I was still waving goodbye but I guess he had dealt with other weird people like me before and so he realized that something was wrong and stopped. He was the hero of the day. Helped me twice in minutes for the exact same reason and had to deal with my babbling once more. A hero, I tell you, a real hero!

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Funny Story | Bad Luck with Locked Trunk